Meet Us

“Harb” Financial Advisors and the tax is a pioneer institution in its field, aims to provide comprehensive services in the field of financial and tax consulting. The main goal is to help our clients grow their businesses

And tax and financial advice to them in accordance with the tax and financial laws in force in Jordan.

Our Mission

Is the “development in the area of ​​taxation” through our commitment to providing our services to the fullest, to enable our customers to keep abreast of developments in the tax world, which is reflected on the evolution of the goals and objectives and aspirations of our customers.

Confidentiality and Honesty

Kay function based on strict confidentiality and professional integrity, understand the importance of these two elements in the success of our customers and their progress, we are so keen on all the information and secrets belong to our customers, we do not disclose it under any circumstances.

Our Professional Services

“Harb”  Financial Advisors and tax services are offered easy solutions to the challenges facing our customers, and we believe that, so what can be done to achieve the following:

  • understand the nature and activity of the client
  • The preparation of action plan by methods professional
  • Adoption of the best method in the application of our tasks and keep abreast of developments in our field
  • provide the best service and give the results in a timely manner

Tax Consulting

Income Tax

Sales Tax

Financial Advisors

Tax Consulting

The services offered by our organization for our customers to provide them with the necessary information to assess business risk and raise the level of awareness of the tax, And keep them away from any risks that may face them because of the lack of sufficient knowhow matters of tax laws and helping them to promote development

To reach the desired goal and success in all the various business sectors.

These services are the sales tax and income tax according to the following actions:

Regarding the Sales Tax


  1. Supervise the preparation of full approval every two months and the pre-audit on the client’s records to calculate the tax secretariats sales before filing the return, and correction of any errors in advance.
  2. Submit a tax return to the Department within the legal deadline and supply him.
  3. Organization representing the Sales Tax Department entrusted us with all the issues and attend meetings of the audit.
  4. Follow any unforeseen problems that might arise on the taxpayer.
  5. Inform the client in any new law.


Regarding Income Tax


  1. Represent the company to the Income Tax Department all issues entrusted to us.
  2. Supervision to mobilize and provide follow-up revealed self-esteem at the end of each year with the department.
  3. Review before destined to the Income Tax Department spelled all the necessary information to reach the right decision and to attend meetings of the audit.
  4. Follow-up to object to the Income Tax Department in the event of a decision not to approve the estimated.
  5. Follow-up users tax the company.
  6. Follow-up of notices of the circle.

Financial Advisors

Harb’s institution with its own experts and financial Medkqaan examine and audit the accounting data and to provide counseling and advice in order to improve the performance of the accounting and financial system of the facility, and access to the financial statements are correct and clear, under a plan based on the Stomach:

  1. Review the company’s accounting procedures and internal control system.
  2. Conduct necessary examination of accounting records control procedures that we find suitable.
  3. Verification directly from the facility in a way that others retained by the assets.
  4. Control the actual conduct census of goods, if any reduction that we see fit.
  5. Note that this item will be administration, supervision and the issuance of the budget and signed by the auditors certified a high degree of expertise and efficiency.

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